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Guidance Systems

System 110 - Auto-GuideTM 3000

System 110 is a low cost, manual guidance package offering easy-to-use, accurate technology to enhance and simplify day-to-day operations. Improve efficiency and operating speeds whilst reducing overlap and extending hours of operation. For a more advanced solution that works even harder in the field, choose Auto-GuideTM 3000 - a full-featured, hands-free steering system capable of delivering sub-metre, decimetre, and centimetre accuracy.

Guidance systems are proven to offer an average of 12 % in fuel savings, as well as time spent on resources, time spent in the field and much more.

System 110 Features

- Low cost, hands-free, manual guidance package to enhance and simplify day-to-day operations

- Simple operation due to detachable light bar guidance product for optimum 'field of view' placement

- A 5-inch colour screen shows vehicle speed, row numbers offset from guidance line and satellite information

- Create field boundaries and record the covered area

- Lightweight, rugged, portable, easy to install and use with minimal training / instruction

- Easily configured for all Massey Ferguson machines with simple setup

- Suitable for all applications where high levels of in- field driving accuracy are required

Auto-GuideTM 3000 Features

- Auto-GuideTM 3000 TopDock receiver comes factory-fitted as standard.

- Allows you to select the EGNOS correction signal for a no subscription cost sub-metre guidance, or contact your Massey Ferguson dealer and purchase an OmniSTAR sub-metre signal (VBS) or a decimetre correction signal (HP).

- Upgrades are made by adding a snap-in module to the base of the TopDock.

- Sensors installed in the receiver pinpoint the position of the tractor.

- For centimetre accuracy, a radio snap-in can be plugged into the TopDock allowing you to work via the GSM network.

- Can be easily upgraded at any time, no unlock code is needed.

Auto-GuideTM 3000 Equipment

Datatronic CCD console

can display Auto-GuideTM 3000 so no additional wires are needed. A simple-to-operate "Go mode" means an operator with no knowledge or experience of guidance systems can be up and running in minutes.

TopDock receiver with snap-in module

offers Multiple Constellation support for GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO Global Navigation Satellite Systems. The receiver supports the Real-Time Kinetic (RTK) Base Station and GPRS (Mobile Phone Signal) corrections using optional snap-in RTK module.

RTK Base Station

enables precision down to +/- 2cm to be achieved in row crop work, allowing for higher work rates.



The AgCommandTM telemetry system allows you to obtain information about your machinery at all times.

AgCommandTM telemetry system from AGCO is ideal for large businesses, contractors or anyone who needs to maintain high visibility of their machinery at all times.

AgCommandTM is a leading edge data recording and transmission tool that allows you to optimise fleet performance by monitoring and reporting vehicle position, history and status. It can also monitor operating costs and enhance productivity.

Every sixty seconds AgCommandTM collects machine performance data and GPS location, which is transmitted via the GSM network and is then viewable via your computer.

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